Advantages Of Outdoor Signage

In order for a business to be successful you must be able to have the right amount of and the right type of advertising. Many people will use newspaper ads, create websites, and put up outdoor signs to lure in their customers. Probably one of the strongest of all of these are the outdoor signs.

All Day, Every Day

One of the biggest advantages to large billboards and other signs is that they can be seen during any time of the day. People driving home from work, to school, or on their way to the movies can see it no matter how early or late it is during the day. The problem with radio and television ads is that they are sporadic and people can miss them quite frequently.


Advertisements will cost you a pretty penny – but when you choose the right one you will reap the benefits from it. Outdoor signage is one of the most cost efficient of anything that you can use. It costs around 80% less than television ads, 60% less than newspaper ads, and 50% less than radio ads. These are also proven to be the most effective of anything that you can use if it is placed in the right area.

Easy To Remember

Research shows that people will focus more on outdoor billboards and signs than on anything else. When they are sitting in traffic or at a stop sign they will look at the things around them and large billboards are some of the first things to catch their eye so that they don’t become bored.


This is the most flexible forms of ads that you can use because they can be put up in just the right part of town. You can put up a billboard for your hotel along highways and off of exits where people are more likely to search for them when traveling. You can place an ad for your health food store near a farmers market. This will help you to bring in the customers who want to buy from you.