Advertising On Digital Billboards

One of the best way you can improve the sales of your business is to have the right type of advertising. In today’s world there are a number of options to choose from. You can create television ads that will play on local channels or radio commercials to play on the different stations in your city.

Perhaps one of the most effective and affordable is the digital billboard. These are a modern way of displaying ads throughout the city and allow more than one business to rent out a single billboard. In 2009 more than 1,500 of these were set up along the highways in the U.S. Many more of them were set up in both large and small cities.

Find A Company

Contact the outdoor advertising agency in your area. If there are more than one than try to contact a few of them. Compare the prices and the location of the billboards. You want to make sure that you place your ad in the part of town where large amounts of people can see them and where the right clients will notice it.

Once you have chosen the company you wish to use you need to set up a contract with them. Read it over carefully and make sure that it has the right location, price you agreed on, and the amount of time they will display it. Some companies will allow you to show your ad for a one week or for a month or two. Depending on the company you choose you could spend between $1,200 to $10,000 a month.

Write A Message

Make a message that is going to show off your company in the right light and tell people exactly what your business is for. You will be sharing the billboard with six to eight advertisers and have around eight to ten seconds in between each one. Make the message short and to the point.

Make sure to add your company name, telephone number, and something that will reel them in. you might want to consider offering a special deal or putting up something funny that people will love to read.


It helps to have some type of photograph or illustration. You could add a picture of you and the other employees or of the products that you offer. Moving graphics is something that you shouldn’t have because it doesn’t work well and is too difficult to upload.