Custom Made Signage

The most popular type of outdoor signage are the ones that are custom made. This means one of two things. First it can mean that you hire someone to make the sign that you have designed yourself. You have chosen what shape it should be in, what font it will have, and exactly what it will say.

The second is to make the sign completely from scratch. This means that on top of designing the sign you will purchase the materials and do what is needed to make it without spending extra money on someone else to do it for you. Making custom made signage is a great way to save your business some money and create something that is unique to you and not a copy of someone else.

Choose The Design

The first thing you will need to do is create a design that will work for your business, garage sale, or party. For many people this is what will draw them in and create the right atmosphere. The design must stick out like a sore thumb – but not in a way that makes it look tacky. Choose colors that fit well with the items that you are selling or the party you are having.

The colors are important – but they should never drown out the words that you are going to print onto the sign. Make sure that you have the correct name, address, and phone number and that it is at the right font and size so that people can easily read it while driving by.

Last but not least you have to decide what materials you will use to make it. Most people will use wood that has special paint all over it. This paint will help to weather proof it and keep it from ruining. Some signs are used to stick to windows of cars or shop windows. While others are lit up with neon lights. Decide on something that is affordable for you and going to bring in business.