How To Design The Sign

When it comes to any type of outdoor signage you have to make sure that it is built and designed in such a way as to attract the attention of people walking or driving by. It is important to know how to design each sign that you make whether it be made by you or by someone else.

If you decide to make one for your business you first need to check with the building permits and landlords. There are some places that do not want people building their own signs because they are afraid it will tamper with the appearance of the property or building.

The first thing you need to do is think about what should be on the sign. For example; if it was for your business you might put the name, slogan, address number, and phone number on it. If it is a street sign you might give it a basic design – but add a slogan like “Don’t Litter, Glitter” and make it so it catches the eye of the people as they drive by. If you are using a large billboard you might want to consider pictures of people or the product to go along with it.

I am sure that you have a design in mind – but have you seen it on paper or in person? Sometimes our ideas sound good in our heads – but on paper they look awkward and jumbled. Create a few test designs of the one you want and anything that has been suggested to you. Think over the different fonts, colors, and shapes that you have used.

Choose one that you love the most – but don’t make the final decision yet. Ask your close friends and even a few customers what their thoughts are. Don’t tell them what you have picked otherwise they might just side with you to make you happy. It is best to get the feedback from customers or potential customers who don’t know you. They are the ones that most.