How To Make Welcome Signs

The moment people walk into your business you want them to feel welcome and happy to be there. A great way to do this is to make a good impression on them as they walk through the door and notice your welcome sign. Use different designs and materials that work well with the type of business that you have.


If you own a nursery than you could use fresh flowers to create the border of the sign. You can make the words using a wire loop that can also hold flowers around it. This can also be used in elegant businesses to create a beautiful and relaxing place.


This is similar to using fresh flowers except that it is made mostly of leaves and twigs. You can purchase these pre-made with fresh or artificial plants. The wreath can surround the sign or it can hold the welcome sign in the center of it.


Why not create an outdoorsy and fun feeling by using the rocks around your yard. You can use large ones and have them painted or use them with their natural colors. These have to be quite large so you might have to purchase them. They will have the word ’welcome’ painted across it in fancy writing next to the entrance.


One of the most creative methods is to use several links and connect everything together. You can use wooden cutouts that are in the shape of plants, flowers, or animals. String them together with twine and have it spelling the word ’welcome’ with each letter painted onto one of them.