How To Paint Outdoor Signs

The best way to bring in customers and to sell a product or service is to have the right type of advertising. The signs that you use need to have the right type of information, large enough for people to see, and dramatic enough that it will gain the attention of people walking or driving by.

Smaller businesses would do better if they could use large billboards. However, they are usually on a tight budget. If this is the case than the best and most affordable thing you could do would be to make your own signs.

First you need to cover a sign board with a primer or sealer. The primer will hide any designs that might already be on it. The sealer will help to make the sign more durable and to last longer despite the amount of sun and rain beating on it. After applying both of them you need to allow it to dry for twenty-four hours.

Trace the design you want to use onto the sign. Place carbon paper over the sign and than place the design over it. Trace it using a pencil.

Use acrylic paint or enamel to paint the design onto it. Allow it a few hours to dry.

Now apply a varnish or glaze over the design. This will prevent the sun or run to ruin it and to keep it looking glossy. A glossy design will attract the eye or more people.