Making Lighted Signage

There are many people who will use small or large lighted signs in order to get the attention of people when dusk has fallen. These help to create a lasting first impression and stand out as a landmark when people are trying to find them again. It is possible to purchase pre-made lighted signs – but for some people these are too generic. That is when they will make it themselves.

When you have an idea of what the sign will look like you will need to understand how or what you will use to light the sign. Once again you will have to make sure that whatever you use follows with the building rules or codes. Most are illuminated using floodlight units that are connected to the sign while others might have the lights built into them.

The lights inside are made using a sheet of semi transparent acrylic that is connected and mounted to a metal box. Inside of the box is one or two low temperature florescent lamps. These should work even when the temperature is subfreezing.

Purchase a large panel of acrylic that will be mounted over the box. This panel needs to be transparent or semi transparent. It should also be at least ¼” thick. Now choose either paint or vinyl colors that will work with the ultraviolet rays. Keep in mind that dark colors will fade quickly from the sun. It is best to use outdoor paints or vinyl materials that are UV fade resistant.

Use the paint or acrylic to draw something unique onto the acrylic sheet. This must be semi transparent so that some light can pass through it. Using something that is too opaque will prevent any back light for the box at night. If you choose to paint on a plywood board than remember to seal the edges with a trim in order to prevent it from warping or blistering.

Seal it with polyurethane or cover acrylic sheets. It is best to hire someone professional to hang the sign for you and an electrician to connect the wiring for the light.