Outdoor Changeable Signs

Signs are used to help bring customers into your business. They are a landmark for the store and help to tell people what you can do for them. There are several different types of signs to choose from. One of the more unique are the changeable signs. These will rotate and display promotions that you are having.

These are an effective form of advertisement because it helps to display pertinent information concerning your business to people driving on both sides of the road. Also the rotation will grab the attention of people as they walk or drive past. This helps you to become noticed rather than blurring into the background of the other signs surrounding it.

Make Your Own

Use an A-frame or sandwich board sign that will allow you to put posters on either side of it. Purchase two sheets of plywood and cut them to the size that you wish for it to be. Paint them with outdoor paint. Try to use a color that will stick out – but not look tacky.

Connect the plywood together at the top using a hinge. Cut two sheets of clear plastic. These should be only a little bit larger than the wood. Screw them both into the wood and leave enough space to slide the poster underneath it. Make sure the plastic you choose can withstand high winds, rain, and hours of sunlight.

Place the sign in front of your business or in a high traffic area. You want potential customers to notice the sign and to want to stop by. Every few months you should change out the posters and create new advertisements or promotions. Also remember to put down important information like address, phone number, and the name of your business.