Types Of Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are used for different reasons. That is why there are different types of outdoor signs available for people to use. Learn what the more uncommon signs are and how they can help to show off your business in a way that you never thought was possible.

Mobile Signs

The larger businesses would benefit greatly from mobile signage. This is a fairly new form of advertisement that allows you to advertise your business or products on the sides or backs of buses and trucks. This will give you the ability to show off the sign to different areas in the city without having to rent out two or three billboards.

Sandwich Signs

These are best to use when your business is in a strip mall and surrounded by a number of other businesses. These signs help to tell people what type of promotions you have going on. Many restaurants will use this to show people their menu and specials. The best thing about these is that they are inexpensive and you can put the sign indoors when you close at night.

Banner Signs

Banners are best used for promotional purposes only. These are hung above the door of the business and will tell people what type of sales are going on at the time. These can be cleaned off and used at a later time.

Building Signs

These can be digital or LED and are hung on the front or side of the building. This is best used for businesses that can be hard to find because they are inside a much larger building full of several different businesses. Make sure it is brightly lit so that people will notice it easily.